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About SmartKom

Driven by our passion and experience, we established SmartKom to transform digital marketing from just a means to an end into comprehensive °360 solutions that enable business growth for our partners.  There are many marketing channels and numerous strategies, but they usually lack consistency and inclusivity. That’s why we developed a set of innovative services and products completed with the SmartKom touch to turn ideas, strategies and data into sustainable solutions that enhance the digital presence of our partners and achieve sustainable results.

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Our Services

Marketing Consultany

By utilizing our expertise and advanced marketing tools, we drive digital transformation that strengthen brand value.

Media Campaigns

With an understanding of your goals, target audience and competition, our team execute tailored campaigns on digital and traditional channels.

Media Production

Via an orchestra of tones and images, we convey your brand’s identity and values; to reach your target audience effectively.

Social Media Management

We build thriving communities for your brand with your target audience at the center.

Content Creation

We create a world of words and images that add uniqueness to your brand and unify all marketing channels under one identity.

Influencers Communication

Supported by our extended network of publishers, we create successful partnerships between your brand and the most popular influencers.

Innovation. Quality. Invention.ResultsData

An advanced tool that provides the necessary data to analyze competition and plan accurate data-driven campaigns on video sharing and live streaming platforms.

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Designed with both brands and publishers in mind, Marketeers Hub is an extended affiliate network that utilizes performance marketing to drive results and achieve maximum reach.

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An enterprise e-commerce SAAS solution under development. Olltek will serve local and  international brands that need a robust scalable system.

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